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Intramuscular Vitamin Injections

IM injection

Why IM Injections?

Taking a daily vitamin is often essential for getting the nutrients we need. However, did you know that oral vitamins aren’t as effective as intramuscular vitamins? When injected directly into a muscle, the vitamins are absorbed more readily by the body, boosting the impact.

The reason for IM injections is the same as taking an oral vitamin; we’re often deficient in nutrients. Supplements help us enrich our diet, and intramuscular injection of vitamins helps bypass the digestive system and get the nutrients throughout the body more efficiently.

How to Choose the Right IM Injections

Did you know there are 13 essential vitamins? Check out the types of IM injections we offer to learn more about their benefits, and which might be right for you.


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that increases energy and mental clarity. It also supports metabolic function, memory, and the immune system.


Lipotropic methionine inositol choline (Lipo MIC) is a compound that helps lower cholesterol. It can also promote hair growth, decrease blood sugar levels and reduce body mass.

Vitamin B12 IM

Also known as the active form of B12, Methylated B12 can boost energy levels, reduce inflammation, improve metabolism, and help support sleep. Also promotes healthy-looking skin and hair.

Tri-Amino IM

Arginine, ornithine, and citrulline (tri-amino) injections can improve cardiovascular health, circulation, and boost athletic performance. Since amino acids help form protein, this IM injection helps support your body’s building blocks.

Glutathione IM

Known as an antioxidant, glutathione helps reduce the signs of stress in the body. It also supports liver health, balances hormones, and reduces inflammation.

Semaglutide with B12 Injection

Semaglutide helps improve glycemic control for clients who are obese or overweight. By improving metabolic health, Semaglutide can reduce inflammation while helping regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.

Benefits of IM Injections

What to Expect at IM Injection Appointment

Depending on the dosage, the IM vitamin injection may be administered in the deltoid muscle (shoulder), in the upper arm, or in the glute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some side effects include discomfort at the injection site, as well as sore muscles. In the event the injection site isn’t properly cleaned, there’s a risk of infection. If you’re allergic to any vitamins or minerals, you could have an allergic reaction to an IM injection.

IM injections are vitamin boosts injected directly into muscles. IV stands for intravenous, which means the vitamin boost is injected into the veins.

While the products used may be the same, the delivery method is different. IM injections take a few moments, whereas an IV injection (also known as a drip or infusion) can take up to an hour.

Since vitamins and minerals have varying half-lives, the timeframe between IM injections varies. Vitamin B12 injections are often recommended every 10 days in the beginning, with doses tapering off after an initiatory period.

Vitamin D shots are recommended up to three times per year. Meet with one of our experts to determine how often you should receive the types of IM injections we offer.

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What Our Clients Love About The Center

At The Center, we’re grateful to have helped hundreds of women and men find confidence through our health and wellness offerings. See what our customers are saying about their appointments with Still.

Jennifer Howard
Jennifer Howard
Julie is the best! She’s always got such great energy. I love the outcome every time I see her.
Julie is amazing. I received Botox from her. She was great at giving me different options and ideas to get the most bang for my buck. I highly recommend her. She is professional and friendly.
Natalie Cruz
Natalie Cruz
Dr. Julie at Still SLC is truly exceptional. Her professionalism and expertise were instrumental in helping me feel my best for my wedding. With her guidance and expertise she showcased remarkable skill in her craft and made me feel comfortable and confidant. I've undergone multiple different treatments, and each time, I leave feeling and looking my best from the inside out. Highly recommend her services!!!
Jessica Bundy
Jessica Bundy
Julie is amazing! She is so sweet and truly has what the customer wants in mind. I've always had natural results! And she always lets me know about specials!
Melissa Gill
Melissa Gill
Dr. Julie is so thorough. She spends the time to understand what her clients are looking for. She provides the perfect combination of science and art. I’m so happy with my results!
Amylynn Parker
Amylynn Parker
Julie is the best most experienced injector, I’ve been to several and always Perfer the results I get with Julie!
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter
I met Dr. Nielsen through a family member and as we talked about health and wellness Dr Nielson told me of the benefits of NAD+, which is essentially a precursor to our DNA and RNA production. I have arthritis in my back,, neuropathy in my feet and energy levels have been low. I started NAD+ and am experiencing some significant health benefits in energy, reduced pain levels, and brain clarity. I highly recommend Dr. Nielson for her high expertise, skill and personable nature.
Chanel Klepper
Chanel Klepper
Julie is so wonderful! I love getting to see her and she’s very knowledgeable. She lifts people up and makes everyone feel like a friend rather than a client.
Stacie Downs
Stacie Downs
I have been coming to Dr Julie for over 2 years. Her results are perfect! Everyone I have brought to her has been very satisfied with their results! I love that she doesn’t push products or services you don’t need. As a healthcare professional I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!

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